We have seen plenty of change in our public transportation services. With developments, we have also had undesirable outcomes. Most important is that we have seen fares for our Seniors double rate far higher than other increases in their lives. I support a significant subsidy for our Seniors and those with lower income reverting to the previous amounts. I will also stand up for ease-of-access in public transportation services. I aim to support a plan such as that of our neighbors in Calgary. We need a break for middle-class families to encourage greater adaption of the services. This will, I believe, help Edmontonians to do more and with ease, and that will have a great return on investment for our city.

We support the LRD expansion to Century Park and to West Edmonton Mall!

As residents of O-day'min, we see firsthand the effects of inadequate planning on growth and expansion. Whimsical development has resulted in more demands in the far reaches, and some expenses for roads and utilities could have been better spent on density development. We must demand our needs be met in O-day'min. Suburban development cannot happen at the detriment of our downtown core. That is like body-building only to ignore the heart and lungs, Attention must be for sustained core health.

We have also seen far too much re-construction of roadways. This indicated inadequate planning. Re-constructing is far more costly than adequate planning in the first place. Fire-star cities plan and build for the future and are never in reaction mode. We need to avoid the costly and inconvenient 're-do-it' method. Inadequate planning on bicycle lanes and signage has also been recurring. Let's end this half-hazard, try-and-see approach. Development costs must be reduced and avoided, not multiplied.

We need to spend on practical and necessary objects before frivolous ones. Edmontonians have endured many boondoggles. Short-term and whimsical interests, such as our former Mayor's goal for hosting the Expo, cause problems that persist and prohibitive debts. City Council members need to possess not only business sense but common sense. We need bright people who are willing to step up and serve residents, not just the developers. Progress as a City depends on much more than just profit for special interest groups. Problems like these cannot be easily fixed; they must instead be avoided. I will keep watch on the decisions and processes to ensure that our tax dollars are not misspent.

What best brings community together? In my opinion, it is the Arts, festivals and events. IN order to encourage such community building, we need to focus more on the Arts. Venues of all sizes and types need support from our City Council. In my opinion, more should be done to support non-profit and not-for-profit organizations in their development goals so that our community can interact, share, and flourish.
I support our Community. I will work hard for my fellow O-day'min residents and all Edmontonians so that we all can enjoy living in a city that continually gains admiration and revel in the spotlight of news stories here and globally.

City Council must lobby the provincial government to reinstate rental tax credits. Business taxes need to be reviewed and revised to ensure they are fair at all levels. In order for real growth to prevail at all levels, we need a more supportive system that assists small businesses, family-owned businesses, and start-ups of all sorts. Offering tax breaks only to 'big businesses' is neither adequate nor sustainable to Edmonton. If you have a small business or with to get started, please call me to discuss your concerns.
I will stand up for you!

Homelessness is apparently not improving quickly. A lot of promises have been made by past mayors. However, the challenges persist. We need a task force at all levels of government to come up with a solution to end the plight of the homeless in O'day-min and throughout Edmonton. We also must get in front of the provincial and federal governments and voice opposition about cutbacks to housing supports for the elderly and needy. Rehabilitation and revitalization programs for our mature neighborhoods are needed. With such an evolving problem, and end goal is not effective. It must be a continually re-defining program that strives to reach further. I am ready to take this on with full energy.

I believe that we are close to falling into a trap with the Alberta government's proposed referendum. I will stand  up for O-day'min and all Edmontonians when it comes to Provincial issues such as the proposals for opting out of the Canada Pension Plan, R.C.M.P. and policing, transfer payments to Ottawa, Health matters, etc. I believe many resisdents of O-day'min will find themselves in a difficult situation if these changes occur. I will stand for your safety and health.

Edmonton continues to have all sorts of Champions, not just professional sports teams. We are all Champions in our City when we all strive to maintain, improve, reach goals, and lead the way for others. With my drive and positive motivation, I will work for the residents in O-day'min and to make sure that the spirit of Championship flourishes!


October 18th
Edmonton needs real leaders—people who listen to concerns and who will solve he problems that have come with poor planning. We need to encourage development that brings success and sustainability to our downtown core. A strong City Council will agree more on issues that make sense for all Edmontonians, not just a select group of lobbyists. With special interest groups such as developers at the fore, problems for communities persist. Greatness comes with persistent attention to the continued planning for vibrant communities and support for all concerned. The real difference is in never losing focus.

Please give me a call. Let's discuss your ideas so that I can work with you to bring forward positive thinking on our important matters.

Donations to support my campaign are very much appreciated.

Your contribution will help with communications, town-hall meetings, and other important functions for our community.

Thank you for reading. I would appreciate your support on October 18th!

for City Councillor

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