Establish limitations on the amount candidates can spend on their campaigns. It is a service proposal and should not be a matter of money. It is not a show.

Hold regular town-hall meetings with accountability to O-day'min residents.

Establish a refined approach to road-way repairs and other regular city-wide services such as snow removal and eco-centre accessibility.

Stand up for O-day'min and all Edmontonians when it comes to Provincial issues relating to the Alberta government's proposed referendum on the Canada Pension Plan, R.C.M.P. and policing, transfer payments to Ottawa, and Health matters.

Work to further develop the urban culture of artistic, ethnic, and our festive City-spirit. I will support promoting cultural, artistic, and ethnic festivals as well as the organizations behind them.

Attract new business and support existing ones. Review business taxes and levies and ensure fairness for all.

Please contact me to voice your concerns. I would greatly appreciate your support; in turn, I offer you my full support on City matters.

We support the LRD expansion to Century Park and to West Edmonton Mall!
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